VALLTERA EIO Architecture

I/O Bottleneck resolved

The VALLTERA EIO architecture is the result of years of analyzing performance at server, storage, network, and interconnect layers. Over time, each of these has introduced new and improved products but with one caveat, they must be compatible with existing technologies. As a result, each new generation has provided only incrementally improved speeds. However, at the base of each layer there are technologies that are decades old. Witness RAID (25+ years), Ethernet (30+ years), hard disks (50+ years), etc. With the advent of SSD technology, these old technologies are not able to provide the foundational support for the very high performance these new devices can deliver.

It is time to re-think, re-invent, and to entertain completely new ideas on high performance for the computing needs of today's extreme applications. The VALLTERA EIO architecture is designed around new hardware, new software, new algorithms for data transfer, and new packaging. Its features include high throughput (11GB/s per host controller), high IOPs (100 Million IOPs per system), low latency, and extreme scaling (to Exabyte capacities).

  • Simplified Plug-N-Play device
  • Interfaces to existing servers and storage
  • Provides throughput of 11GB/s per host controller
  • Ultra low latency to support SSDs
  • Expansion nodes to aggregate storage at all levels of performance
  • Capacities to Exabyte levels
  • Throughput to meet Terabytes per second
  • Massively parallel node architecture

Benefits of the VALLTERA EIO Architecture

With the ability to go beyond today's hardware and software limitations, the VALLTERA EIO architecture provides a large number of benefits to the applications that need higher performance than is available with current technologies. Average applications are able to provide 2-3X more transactions per second using existing hardware:

  • Servers have much higher utilization due to much faster data access and lower IO wait times.
  • Data transfers are not limited to SATA/SAS (6Gbps), Fibre Channel (8/16 Gbps), or even InfiniBand (40Gbps) speeds but by the maximum speed of PCIe busses.
  • Storage is no longer the limiting factor with its limited drives, IOPs, throughput, and latency.

Massively parallel VALLTERA EIO nodes scale to provide:

  • 100 Millions of IOPS
  • Terabytes per second throughput
  • Capacities to the Exabyte level



Increase Business Efficiency

VALLTERA-Tech E-DMS represents a universal solution for document management, based on .NET technology, which automates business operations and removes the need for paper documents



On-line Business Processes

VALLTERA E-SERVICES software solution enables highly secure, simple and efficient way for exchange of documents between various user and organizations with advanced administrative module.



Efficient Content Management

VALLTERA E-CMS is the overall software solution for creation and maintenance of Web Portals from small-scale sites to highly complex Web portals with several thousand or hundred thousand pages.