VALLTERA e-Services

Software solutions for the Efficient Business

VALLTER E-SERVICES represents software solution for on-line services. Customers on-line service enables, easy and effective way to electronically submit any request, execute all necessary correspondence and add mandatory documents. Customers have at their disposal a complete insight into the history of correspondence, exchanged e-mails, submitted documents and processed requests.

VALLTER E-SERVICES is a software application consists of 4 application modules:

  • The administration module
  • Operating module
  • The client module
  • The Front-office registry for documents

VALLTER E-SERVICES is a software application consists of 4 application modules:

  • Basic functionality provides efficient and interactive electronic communication with externally entities in the following areas:
  • Simple and effective way of electronic communication with operators or officers
  • Automation of the process of application, documents, observations
  • Filling and submission of pre-defined templates and requirements
  • Simple exchange of electronic messages
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of enforcement activities
  • Display information about the status of submitted requests
  • Insight into the history of correspondence with service users
  • Integration with the Internet portal
  • Possibility of integration with electronic document management system (E-DMS)
  • Possibility of integration with ERP systems
  • Reporting system
  • Possibility of creating new electronic services



Increase Business Efficiency

VALLTERA-Tech E-DMS represents a universal solution for document management, based on .NET technology, which automates business operations and removes the need for paper documents



On-line Business Processes

VALLTERA E-SERVICES software solution enables highly secure, simple and efficient way for exchange of documents between various user and organizations with advanced administrative module.



Efficient Content Management

VALLTERA E-CMS is the overall software solution for creation and maintenance of Web Portals from small-scale sites to highly complex Web portals with several thousand or hundred thousand pages.