VALLTERA-Tech Mission

Leadership via innovation


Our vision is to become the Global technology leader in the World market.

By mobilizing its internal expertise and intellectual resources, and our broad Network of partners, VALLTERA-Tech will provide the most advanced technology products and services based on the accepted international standards and practices.

We intend to be the world leader in providing high-performance data access and storage solutions.

VALLTERA-Tech Mission

Our mission is to create efficient and highly flexible IT products and solutions which provide our clients, with increased business efficiency, better market position, and greater competitive advantage.

For our clients within the business sector this means better and more visible market presence through significant increase in efficiency and profit, and for our partners from public sector, increased transparency with fulfilment of all the necessary requirements for development of modern Information society and E-government.

VALLTERA-Tech Values

  • To meet and exceed all of our client's expectations and needs
  • To maintain continuous growth, product portfolio development and enhancement of services for our partners and clients
  • To meet the needs of our employees and staff
  • To build strong partnerships

Apart from the constant investment into the professional development of our employees, VALLTERA-Tech is dedicated to corporate social responsibility in all countries we will operate. We respect and support global standards in responsible corporate behaviour with a special consideration to the protection of the environment through the VALLTERA Tech Green Office initiative.



Increase Business Efficiency

VALLTERA-Tech E-DMS represents a universal solution for document management, based on .NET technology, which automates business operations and removes the need for paper documents



On-line Business Processes

VALLTERA E-SERVICES software solution enables highly secure, simple and efficient way for exchange of documents between various user and organizations with advanced administrative module.



Efficient Content Management

VALLTERA E-CMS is the overall software solution for creation and maintenance of Web Portals from small-scale sites to highly complex Web portals with several thousand or hundred thousand pages.