VALLTERA-Tech EIO Energy Efficiency

Upgrade and Consolidate Your Technology

VALLTERA-Tech Energy Efficient Infrastructure

As stated by the ENERGY STAR® a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency program: Server and data center energy consumption have nearly doubled from 2006 to 2011 in the US, contributing to electricity costs in excess of $7.4 billion.

VALLTERA-Tech will help you to improve your data center's energy efficiency and help your organization to limit its energy consumption growth while also contributing to a cleaner environment.


Organize and improve your stored data - Storage utilization averages only around 30%. It is common for organizations to have 20 or more copies of the same data-wasting storage space.

With VALLTERA-Tech EIO X Series Controllers you will be able to increase the data access speed up to 100 times at the same time increasing energy efficiency of your storage infrastructure up to 10 times and more.

With more efficient storage infrastructure you would need less storage servers and the costs for software licensees and maintenance would be significantly lower.

Virtualize your servers - By consolidating multiple, independent servers to a single physical server, those servers can operate more efficiently and reduce energy costs by 10% to 40%.

Since the storage infrastructure with VALLTERA-Tech EIO X Series Controllers is up to 100X efficient than the traditional Storage system your virtualized environment would be more significantly efficient decreasing your running costs.

VALLTERA-Tech EIO X Technology the future of your Storage infrastructure!



Increase Business Efficiency

VALLTERA-Tech E-DMS represents a universal solution for document management, based on .NET technology, which automates business operations and removes the need for paper documents



On-line Business Processes

VALLTERA E-SERVICES software solution enables highly secure, simple and efficient way for exchange of documents between various user and organizations with advanced administrative module.



Efficient Content Management

VALLTERA E-CMS is the overall software solution for creation and maintenance of Web Portals from small-scale sites to highly complex Web portals with several thousand or hundred thousand pages.