Cloud Storage


Ceph's cloud object storage system offers a significant feature compared to many object storage systems available today: Ceph provides a traditional file system interface with POSIX semantics. Object storage systems are a significant innovation, but they complement rather than replace traditional file systems. As storage requirements grow for legacy applications, organizations can configure their legacy applications to use the Ceph file system too! This means you can run one storage cluster for object, block and file-based data storage.


One Object Storage!

The Ceph Object Store, called RADOS, is the object storage component for CephFS file systems, Ceph RADOS Gateways, and Ceph Block Devices.

Many Storage Interfaces!

You can use CephFS, Ceph RADOS Gateway, or Ceph Block Devices in your deployment. You may also use all three interfaces with the same Ceph Object Store cluster! There's no reason to build three different storage clusters for three different types of storage interface!

Use Commodity Hardware!

You can deploy Ceph with commodity hardware. You don't need to purchase proprietary storage or networking hardware commonly used in SAN systems.

VALLTERA-Tech is offering tailored made CEPH solutions, which are in line with specific client's needs. We are providing also full maintenance support, as well as comprehensive training for customers and partners.



Increase Business Efficiency

VALLTERA-Tech E-DMS represents a universal solution for document management, based on .NET technology, which automates business operations and removes the need for paper documents



On-line Business Processes

VALLTERA E-SERVICES software solution enables highly secure, simple and efficient way for exchange of documents between various user and organizations with advanced administrative module.



Efficient Content Management

VALLTERA E-CMS is the overall software solution for creation and maintenance of Web Portals from small-scale sites to highly complex Web portals with several thousand or hundred thousand pages.