Storage Management Solution

VALLTERA-Filer converts an industry standard x86/64 architecture system into a full-fledged NAS/SAN appliance or IP storage gateway and provides storage administrators with a powerful tool to cope with burgeoning storage needs. Building upon the popularity of server virtualization technologies such as VMware, and Xen, VALLTERA-Filer can also be deployed as a virtual machine instance.

This deployment flexibility of VALLTERA-Filer ensures that storage administrators are able to make the best use of system performance and storage capacity resources when allocating and managing networked storage in a multi-platform environment.

VALLTERA-Filer addresses all the key data storage concerns:

  • Reliability - VALLTERA Filer supports both software and hardware RAID with monitoring and alert facilities; volume snapshot and recovery
  • Availability - VALLTERAFiler supports active/passive high availability clustering, MPIO, and block level replication
  • Performance - Linux 2.6 kernel supports the latest CPU, networking and storage hardware
  • Scalability - file-system scalability to 60TB+, on-line file-system and volume growth support

Deployment Scenarios

The range of storage networking protocols provided by VALLTERA Filer makes it an excellent choice for several deployment scenarios:

Storage Area Networking
  • IP Storage Gateway
  • Disk-to-disk Backup
  • Video Surveillance
  • Oracle 10g raw volume
  • Virtual Machine migration
  • Continuous Data Protection
Network Attached Storage
  • Heterogeneous File Sharing
  • Exchange Server back-end
  • Virtual Machine storage back-end
  • Network User home directories
  • Media archiving
VALLTERA-Filer Storage Features
  • Unified storage: NAS/SAN
  • iSCSI target functionality
  • CIFS, NFS, HTTP, FTP Protocols
  • RAID 0,1,5,6,10 support
  • Bare metal or virtualization installation
  • 8TB+ Journalled file systems
  • File system Access Control Lists
  • Point In Time Copy (snapshots) support
  • Dynamic volume manager
  • Powerful web-based management
  • Block level remote replication
  • High Availability clustering

VALLTERA-Filer will improve your data infrastructure up to 100X



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